There’s one thing you should know about Valencianos… they’re all pyromaniacs. There’s a famous tomato-throwing celebration called the ‘Tomatina’, and for some reason this has achieved global fame, but local people don’t care about the Tomatina; they’re all about the ‘Fallas’. What’s that? Well, my question exactly. I’ve asked everyone I’ve met what the ‘Fallas’ is, and this is what I have learnt:

In Valencia groups of people gather together to form a ‘Falla’, which is basically a small group which, every week, get together to do things like eat Paella, go hiking in the mountains and, most importantly, construct massive, intricate models (called a Falla) over a year-long period only to set it on fire during the March celebration (called ‘Fallas’). So, in short, Fallas make Fallas to set on fire during Fallas. 

The sculptures can cost up to 1 million euros to construct and usually include scary monsters and naked women… so I can’t wait for the Fallas!

A Falla on fire in Fallas

Also, during the Fallas, to entertain themselves before and after watching their life-savings go up-in-flames, Valencianos run around the city throwing little bangers about called ‘petardos’. These mini suicide-bombs are pretty powerful and it’s not uncommon to suffer a hand injury. You know someone’s a true local when they’re missing a few fingers. If i come back to England at Easter and I am lacking some fingers then you will know I’ve had a good time.

See you in the Fallas!

ENGLISH EXERCISE: Fill the spaces:

Bang! Bang! Bang! It’s 8am ……..(1) the morning in Valencia and the ‘Fallas’ ……..(2) already started, so put ……..(3) your expensive costume, grab your Petardos and ……..(4) involved in the street parties! 🙂

Guiris don’t know much ………(5) the fallas. …….(6) fact, the ‘Tomatina’ in Bunol is more internationally famous ……..(7) the Fallas. Somos tontos! Personally I find everything ridiculously complicated; There are groups called ‘Fallas’ which make big models called ‘Fallas’ which they set …….(8) fire during the ‘Fallas’. It’s so confusing!

At Queens Academy we can’t wait! We will buy some Petardos …….(9) soon as possible and act like crazy English pyromaniacs! And if they explode in ……..(10) hands and we lose some fingers, no problem! We will look like real Falleros 😉 



  1. In
  2. Have
  3. On
  4. Get
  5. About
  6. In
  7. Than
  8. On
  9. As
  10. Our

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