Courses & Fees

Adult Intensive Courses:

If you have an immediate need for a Cambridge Certificate (First or Advanced), join our intensive courses – we are very demanding and the courses are not easy… that’s why we have such excellent success rates!

Adult Year-Round Courses:

For adults looking to follow a longer course, perhaps with the long-term objective of taking the Cambridge First or Advanced Certificate then we have year-round courses from 18.00 – 19.00 and 19.00 – 20.00.

Junior Courses:

For students between 14 – 16 years, our A2 and B1 after-school year-round courses are a perfect way to reach the next level of English fluency and give yourself a huge advantage early in life.

General English Courses:

For those students who enjoy socialising with others and practising English in a relaxed environment, why not try our ‘Late Chat’ course? Y que pasa con ellos que no hablan nada? No hay problema! Tenemos un curso divertido y interesante para los principiantes 🙂

Registration Fee for all courses: €20